A system is only complete when they also fulfill product transfer to interfaces. Thus the specified OEB level is supplied from SERVOLIFT with valves, split valve systems, feed systems, funnels, discharging aids, filling and discharge tubes, etc., corresponding to the containers and handling equipment. The solutions meet the requirements of cGMP and the FDA. Whether protecting the products against their environment, or protecting employees from the product, SERVOLIFT always has the solution, with over 40 years’ experience in the field.

Low-dust or dust-free



Product transfer from one process to another are often vertical in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The feed must then be carried out for the most part over a given vertical distance.
 Controlled product flow using regulated compressed air transfers the product without segregation at the adapted fall speed in vertical product transfer systems.

  • Segregation-free, controlled product flow
  • Adapted fall speed and gentle product transfer (such as tablets)
  • No cross-contamination thanks to single-use inliners
  • Easily disassembled interfaces for cleaning
  • Controls: pneumatic, electropneumatic
  • Fall speed: Exhaust air-controlled
  • System pressure 0.1 / 0.15 bar between the tube film and the downpipe


Vertical product transfer


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