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SERVOLIFT container blenders are specially designed for gentle product blending and flexible pick up of various containers. The hydraulic clamping system ensures absolutely secure take-up of the blending container. The PLC and recipe-controlled blending process provides optimal adaptation to the blended goods. The Servolift horizontal clamp bar system easily picks up various container sizes or adapters for drums and small containers. The ability to extend the handling functions of lifting, lowering, inverting, pivoting the blender columns provides many applications for the container blender. This is extended through optional installed and auxiliary systems such as automatic feed and unloading, chopping in the blending container, spray system to add liquids to the blended product, prior and follow-on weighing machinery, dosed unloading, NIR systems, etc..

Blend in a closed system



  • Stainless steel or cGMP-compliant design
  • Take up blending containers which are different in basic dimensions and height
  • Free-standing or ceiling/floor-installed designs
  • Loading using trolleys, hand lifters up to fully automatic roller conveyor feeds and unloading
  • Various container clamping systems, from manual up to fully automatic designs
  • Safety housing depending on where set up, and processes
  • Standard inclination to the blending axis, and thus nothing installed in the container’s headspace
  • Very safe design and safe process run thanks to extensive queries
  • Simple PLC - controls up to PLC, including CFR 21 Part 11 implementation
  • Integration of prior and follow-on processes as well as handling functions (lift, tilt, pivot, park, dock, etc.)
  • High availability, as cleaning is done outside the blender
  • Explosion-protected design for Atex zones 1, 2, 21, 22 as well as per US standards


Container blender
Blender for IBC and bins


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