Code of Conduct


Trust is central. The trust we inspire in our customers and stakeholders is essential to our success. About our mission and vision “SERVOLIFT IS THE COMPLETE GLOBAL SUPPLIER FOR SOLIDS HANDLING” In order to implement this in our industry, we are committed to the highest standard of professional behavior. Our code of conduct is the way we uphold SERVOLIFT values. SERVOLIFT management, in order to achieve its goals, strives to find and retain employees who are committed overall to providing work results based on leadership qualities, fairness and honesty. We know that we and our customers are responsible to each other to maintain our principles. Together we are the representatives of SERVOLIFT and responsible for our good reputation. We must continue to make efforts to live out the values we represent in the business world, and stringently represent them. We achieve these values through honest and transparent transactions. As part of this commitment, SERVOLIFT promotes an open culture as part of this commitment. We exchange ideas and information, seek advice and raise concerns without fear of reprisal. This is the only way in which SERVOLIFT can serve customer interests and offer opportunities to our employees which allow us to remain successful in the market.