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A good recipe, high-quality ingredients and a perfect mixing result, that is the basis of the success of Delica's baked goods. Faster and simpler was the requirement to produce large quantities of baking mixes recipe-controlled in the highest quality and according to strict hygiene guidelines.  A complete solution from Servolift combines the process steps of dosing and blending in order to be able to react quickly and individually to daily requirements. 




In order to offer the consumer a consistently high quality, it is important to weigh and dose ingredients strictly according to the recipe. Delica, the market leader for biscuits, baking mixes and dessert powders in Switzerland, was looking for a simple yet comprehensive automated solution to meet the increasing consumer demand.



A swivelling container mixer moves recipe-controlled to several filling stations. Depending on the product, the desired amount of flour, sugar and other ingredients is dosed at these and filled into the container positioned below. Once all the ingredients are in the container, the blending process begins. As soon as the desired homogenisation has been achieved, the container is lowered to the floor and taken by a transport system to a filling station, from where the product is dosed for further processing or to a packaging line. After the container has been completely emptied, it is validated and cleaned for the next cycle. A drying station blows hot air through the container until there is no more moisture. The container is ready for the next filling.




A mixing system individually adapted to Delica accelerates and simplifies the dosing and mixing process enormously. Thanks to the fully automatic, recipe-controlled positioning of the swivelling mixer, individual products can be produced flexibly. Dosing and weighing units, mixing system as well as containers with the associated drying station play a major role in ensuring that even more delicious baked goods, baking mixes, desert powder etc. can be produced in Switzerland according to traditional recipes in proven Swiss quality with Servolift know-how and precision.


Gudrun Kolb - Project manager

We chose Servolift because the solution-oriented approach convinced us right from the start. Servolift's extremely hygienic design improves auditability in such a way that we are also well equipped for future customer requirements. We liked the project handling at Servolift very much due to the direct contact persons, we were on schedule and were able to set up and commission the system quickly.


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