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The SERVOLIFT cleaning chamber system is equipped with a fully automated, adjustable height interior and exterior cleaning system which focuses on simple handling and energy efficiency. A circulating air system ensures optimal drying and also cooling of various container sizes and geometries. Accessories to the container are integrated in a support frame and cleaned without spraying ‘shadows’.
The chamber is designed as a front-loader, conveyor chamber, double chamber, installed in a pit or mezzanine flevel or on floor construction in accordance with the required performance, installation situation and clean- unclean environment. In addition to technical considerations, SERVOLIFT paid special attention to optimizing consumption in order to keep operating costs as low as possible.

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Temperatures, pressures, volume flows, quality of the wash medium and drying/cooling air are scanned.

All operating statuses are presented on the terminal, the current system status visualized and status text displayed.

A user-friendly, freely configurable control program ensures customized optimal cleaning results using recipe and operating management. Provides an electronic signature and audit trail, fulfilling the requirements of FDA Guideline 21 CFR part 11 on the basis of GAMP 5.

The easy to use touch screen provides fast and self-evident operation of the entire system.

As an option, the cleaning chamber can be equipped with internal fittings for the wash media. Thus the use of a wash rack with a washed equipment carrier with individually-aimed wash nozzles can be used to clean small parts.



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Complete cycle, cleaning procedure including drying
Cleaning of various containers


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