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High-precision dosing is cost-intensive and time-consuming. The project for MCassab shows that this does not necessarily have to be the case and that an exact dosing result can still be achieved.



The customer's requirement:  To fill the product in powder form into bags with very precise dosing as quickly and effortlessly as possible using a cost-efficient solution. In order to be able to work out a project that was perfectly tailored to the customer's needs, extra development trials were carried out. As a result, it became clear that the filling process from a container via a docked, mobile weighing and dosing system using a vibration flap is the best solution tailored to the product.

Solution and Benefit

The container with the product in powder form, previously homogenized in a Servolift mixing system, is lifted by a container lifting column for filling. Once the defined lifting height is reached, a mobile weighing and dosing unit can be placed underneath and docked. A Harting connector is used to establish the connection between the machines for compressed air, power and data. The flap on the container is now opened automatically so that the filling process can begin. At the weighing and dosing unit located under the container, bags are placed around the filling spout so that the low-dust filling process can begin. A vibrating flap now meters the exact quantity into the bags very quickly and, above all, very precisely.


Before: Customer doses product into bags manually. Employees fill bags with shovel and weigh them separately.
After: Fast and accurate filling of bags by means of vibrating flap. Conatiner lifting column in combination with dosing unit communicate via connecting cable. Complete touch control unit with optimum view of the metering process ensure ergonomic production flow.

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