Scope of Service

SERVOLIFT guarantees the supply of spare parts for all systems during their complete run time.
In addition, SERVOLIFT offers complete and skilled assembly services.
Further services include:

  • Delivery of the machine
  • Assembly
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Instruction and training of operators
  • Validation and qualification of the system
  • Maintenance
  • Expert inspections
  • Repairs
  • Conversion of already existing systems


Motivated and highly-qualified experts are available for intensive customer and project support as well as for system development, design, assembly and operation of handling systems, free-fall blenders and many other special solutions. Our internationally-recognized technology performs your tasks in the pharmaceutical, food, luxury food products and the chemical industry. Reliable every day.


Unger bill meier

Ralf Unger
Head of Service Department

Phone: +49 781 6100 194

Andreas Bill
Technical Service

Phone: +49 781 6100 231
Peter Meier
Technical Service

Phone: +49 781 6100 244
bartel oehler

Janine Bartl
Service Assistant

Phone: +49 781 6100 181

Laurence Boehler
Service Assistant

Phone: +49 781 6100 239



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