Information SERVOLIFT GmbH, Offenburg
zur Corona-Prevention and to maintain business for our customers and partners

Dear business partners,


These are challenging times for all of us and we sincerely hope you are doing well.

We are aware of our social responsibility to work together to prevent the rapid spread of the virus and to implement all measures orders that pursue this goal.

Ensuring the well-being and health of our employees, customers and partners, and creating a safe working environment is our top priority. It is essential to react appropriately and prudently to developments and incidents within and outside the company. As a supplier and service provider for system-relevant units, it is important for us to continue to serve our customers in this situation.

Measures and precautions of corona prevention at SERVOLIFT GmbH:

An internal task force takes preventive care of the necessary measures and evaluates all current issues and implements appropriate measures in accordance with legal and health requirements .

All departments are available, and the ability to deliver SERVOLIFT products is currently unrestricted.

In sales and service, we will keep the necessary customer appointments and process the possible repair and maintenance appointments. In case of technical questions or malfunctions, we will serve you as usual.

We have strongly restricted the access control at our site and ask you to call your contact person prior your visit and to fill in the preventive questionnaire. If you have any questions in regards to the current situation, please contact your known contacts. We will do everything in our power to protect the health of our customers, partners and employees and to maintain our ability to deliver. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your inquiries and the trust you have placed in our products and services.

Stay healthy

The Servolift Management


Visitors Management

Almost all our customers and partners can be supported via online tools. 
However, if a visit on our site is necessary, our visitor access control will apply. 

We wear masks

All our employees wear community masks to protect themselves and others.



To minimize the risk of infection, the majority of our office staff work from home offices.
We have invested in software and hardware in order to ensure availability and optimal working conditions.



Covid-19 Test

Our employees carry out regular corona test on in order to minimize the risk of spread.